Official Field Rules for Georgetown.
Section I Age Requirement
Section II Eye Protection
Section III Cheating
Section IV General Field Guidelines & Game day Briefing
Section V Field FPS Regulations

Read Thoroughly and Carefully...

We at Team Airsoft believe that HONOR, SAFETY and FUN are the most important things in any Airsoft game. We believe that honorable and enjoyable game play is the only way to advance this hobby that aggravates our families, depletes our wallets, and gives us chicken-pox all over again, weekend after weekend.

We have put together this set of field rules and regulations for the protection of the player and the game.  Please read because you MUST observe the following.


There is a possibility for players to receive serious injury or even death while playing airsoft.   You are now warned and should hold yourself responsible for all accidents that may occur on the field. For more information please refer to the field wavier.

Section I   Age Requirement


Ages under 14 

Ages 14 - 17

Age 18 and Older


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Section II   Eye Protection
Eye protection is absolutely required at all times while on the field or firing range at the Georgetown field. The following are a few specific guidelines to ensure your safety. 

For all Team Airsoft events, full seal eye enclosure is mandatory. Team Airsoft will disapprove all shooting glasses or safety glasses. If your Eye protection can not stop an AEG shooting 400fps at point blank range AND are not full seal, do not bring them. Full face protection is not required but is highly recommended considering teeth can be shot out. 

Disciplinary action will be taken if you remove or break the seal on your eye protection during a game.  (We take your safety very seriously).

Section III   Cheating

If you know yourself to have a problem with honesty, please do everyone a favor and stay home. Airsoft is a game that is dependant on honorable players for its survival.  Cheating will not be tolerated.  We have implemented 2 very simple systems for eliminating and identifying cheaters. The first method actually makes it fun for certain players to catch cheaters. Here is how it works. Two unidentified players are chosen to form a sniper team. This team is given targets that they must search for and take out.  The targets/players are unknown to the rest of the group and could actually be on the same team as the sniper team.  The sniper team is armed with a video camera in which the tape will be reviewed at the end of the game to confirm if the target/player didn't call a hit. If the video evidence shows that a hit was not called, that player will be ejected for the day and the video will be posted on the internet.  Our second method for identifying cheating is what we refer to as the call out system, this method is outlined below in the General Field Rules &Game Day Briefing section.

Section IV   General Field Rules & Game Day Briefing 

The Georgetown field has some very simple guidelines that must be followed in order to play.  

Rule violations may result in suspension from game play.

  1.  Raise your hand to indicate that you are out of play and approach the player in question. Once you reach their position inform him that you are calling him out.
  2. Call-outs must be accepted and the individual performing the call-out must call himself out as well.
  3. What happens now? Well, if it's a respawn game both players return to their respawn area and then re-join the game. If it's a medic game, both players should separate and wait for their medic. And if it's a single elimination game both players are out of that game.
  4. Once the game is over you must report the call-out to the field operator so the call-out can be logged.
  5. You cannot call out groups of players; only 1 person, at a time, may be called out.
  6. And lastly, if you willingly choose not to call-out a player, in effect, you have just condoned that style of play and therefore have no right to complain about it at a later time.

All call outs are logged in order to keep track of those who may have a honesty issue. This system also forces complainers to back up their accusations with actions. 

  • Surrenders may be offered but cannot be forced on the opposing player. If you chose to close the 20ft minimum engagement distance, in order to get a surrender, in effect you are saying that you don't care if YOU get blasted from close range. You don't have the right to shoot that person until they reject the surrender.  Rejecting a surrender includes verbal rejection, trying to quickly shoot you or ignoring you because they are thinking about how they're about to shoot you.  Don't try to perform a surrender if you don't understand this procedure.  REMEMBER, a surrender is a courtesy.  Sniper rifles can not be fired from less than 100 ft.
  • Identification system: Teams will be given a color, if you want to determine who is friend and who is foe, only call out the color of your team. If you try to identify an opposing player he doesn't have to reply but he cannot lie about his team color.
  • Do not move tables, chairs, wood, pallets or anything else to create your own cover or bunkers.
  • Intentional destruction of Property will insure a player's ejection from the field.
  • Foul, intimidating or abusive language is not allowed. Out of control tempers will not be tolerated on the field.

Fighting, verbal threats and inappropriate physical contact is absolutely banned. Violators are subject to immediate EJECTION from the event. The police may be called and offenders may be BANNED FOR LIFE from any Team Airsoft event

Section V.   Field FPS Regulations

Guns must be chronographed during the sign-in period, a chronograph measures how fast the BB is coming out of the barrel. We have a marking system to help visually identify guns that have been chronographed and also conduct random spot checks to help insure safety. Please ask an official to direct you to the chrono station.

We have come to set the following as field limits for your safety.  

  AEGs will be set to a field max of 400 FPS using .20 BB's.

 Bolt action snipers and any other type gun may be set to a field max of 550 FPS, using .20 BB's.  

Absolutely no CO2 powered weapons/guns

Bolt action snipers rifles and any other type gun may be set to a field max of 550 FPS, using .20 BB's. Modified AEGs such as PSG-1s that shoot over 400 FPS must be modified to fire only on semi auto. If you have one of these guns, please inform the Team Airsoft staff before you take to the field with it. Any gun shooting over 400 fps such as bolt action guns, or previously mentioned modified AEGs, must observe a 100-foot minimum shooting distance. Due to the extra speed on these guns, one infraction will result in loss of use of the weapon for the day, upon the second offense, permanently.

These rules are for your safety and for the betterment of the game. If you follow these rules, the game should run smoothly and with fewer problems. 

Thank you; if you have any questions, please contact us here at Team Airsoft.

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